I watch You Change.


Daily Thought and Poem
PEOPLE will change, its natural, its inevitable as well as understanding this… That change exists everywhere; in animals, plants, Molecularly, emotionally, so on to the position of the Moon, to the Earth, to The Sun, into the Galaxy.

There are Universal Principles thats always perpetuating. Some call it the Flower of Life, Some, The Infinity Almighty God Jesus Christ. The influence of chance is a universal property that shapes life.

All change is related. Changes is metaphysical and material. And we can understanding that emotion relates to spirits through silent linguistics.

Some people change daily, from moods, decisions, styled, and personality.
WE SEE How things can change WHEN the control of resources is compromise in the villages and communities of the earth…we see… When spirit meet the machine in the next episode of Technology Advancement and it’s shaping of changing everything in the planet.

And they say death is just the beginning of a change in another life. when people change it is a reflection of their inter thoughts adjusting to their environment or a survivor mechanism in Their Mind.

Even though we don’t like it sometimes we must adjust to it Except all things.(The Good the bad and the ugly And The Good,Beautiful and Truth.)

I CAN!!! Adjust words, body, place, time and Perception I CAN navigate my cognitive positions..I will Be Divine in my Imagination. I will Transcend my Consciousness ….to advance the purpose ….. everything happens for a reasons, not bound by your language or culture, but the Infinite spirit wave of love aka Chemical reaction….

Change is something that you can never catch up to or will never get enough of.

Dimensional Phasing


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