My Garden!!!!


Came back in town. I was amazed at my garden! Been focusing on it all spring. Seem like the only thing that is real these days. I have Onions, Tomatoes, bell pepper, black beans, pinto beans, broccoli, yellow peppers, squash, mustard greens, peppermint,poke salet,watermelon, peach trees, and a lil som-som wild. If you like i have a blog where i will post weekly updates on the garden and farm and hopefully I get some help and collaboration going! IMG_20140621_103832 IMG_20140621_103838 IMG_20140621_103852 IMG_20140621_104155 IMG_20140621_104206 IMG_20140621_104210 IMG_20140621_104433 IMG_20140613_100646 IMG_20140621_103806

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