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During these wonderful holidays it is easy to get sidetrack of the most important things still lay  ahead for Humanity future. With a constant streaming of propaganda and selected puppets who know exactly what to say to get us interested in the constant debates, the constant bickering, the concepts of political correctness, and not the constant poisonous things that is intermittent in to the food, in to the water and to the air. These things and a vast of more still lay before us in our face and leaving a long trace behind our ass. Let’s not get sidetracked! We must understand the Destabilization of the human mind precedes in a much illusionary form. Money given off a visionary conception of the capitalist dream. Psychologically condition for contentment within the material fetishism in the brain. Stabilize not to fight , stabilize, institutionalize to accept, institutionalize  to be happy with the money, disillusion of love , lost family and machine minded. Even the protester are institutionalize,  protester getting angry unwisely with no strategy, spiritual and consciousness level decaying As secularism, communism and powers of fascism smacking mother nature in the face! While we so hate it, so confused about it all ,but proudly participate in it . As long as we pay cartel of electricity, as long as we keep pumping the cartel monopoly of oil, as long as we go to every major city to every major street to see them GMO infested business, as long as we allow Wall Street and Tax payer Money To fund radical ideology and stage false event to condition and intake resources…….As long as  growing nature is still against the law, as long as the most powerful people lies and undermines our freedom. As long as the education system, from elementary to Ivy League colleges to the union of the state, congress, and bankers manipulate us, we shall not relinquish!!! We all participate in this game and we all know we are guilty. We can not get sidetracked! Take a moment and be thankful for the simple things, like energy in the air and the power to move forward. Understanding We are slave physically and mentally to unseen forces. Let us remember the truth,  remember the sun the moon and the cosmic message and language that is richer than our dumb down culture. Let us go outside and meditate together. Lets  love each  other,  love animals,  and love nature, don’t be afraid of death but began to open up and be self sustainable, think freely, build free energy for all,  deliver  others out of bad psychological behavior and dump stupid psychotropic drugs, deliver us from mind control of sexual fetish and extreme insecurity. We have divorce nature, let us return back HOME. Let us be effective, let us be self sustainable,  let us be independent, let mothers nature begin to grow our chakras , let us grow our own food, in the neighborhood, let us begin to learn to do all things for each other. Let us stop big corporate megalomaniac from take over mother earth land. We are OnE.


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