When Time Freeze of Boredom

Useless fans, funny blurry lights, gamma ray colors, fading black and white, in various back grounds, appears smeared painted image, a straight line in a row, Narrow drive, 3 way stops, black hole at the end of the multiple spotted tunnel, divided walls, carpet of trace, optical reflections, repeated machinery, spotlights, see through walls, godly vision, miscellaneous items, black beast, a room of glory, doors of space in elevation, Destine walks, shiny driving, re

d random box, corner of unexpectedly, artificial Rock cave.


Re-visualizing Heartbeats

Enjoy The Imagination to Be

Feel The Combination Between Elements

Selfishly do away with the ego

Appreciate silent language Materialize

Vigilantly Intervene conscious Organs

Let Them develop and Progress Concept and mutate genes account prophetic Significance Through distance

A Cognitive remake

Re-visualizing Heartbeats

Applying Metamorphosis to Self Mental Image


So we Can Characterize Ideas

 C. D. Owens-8-31-11


The Energy of One Single

The energy of one single other person to you. It’s Amazing how they can motivate your hopes and confidence and change your emotion.

The more I imagined the experience of the most amazing things , the distance the actuality of the idea become. They come sometimes in different formatted scenes or reincarnated in personalities.

But nothing matches up with the unification with another person naturally. The more love I give, the more love I want, and sometimes I fear more for The one that gives them self to me in social and emotional physiology. The Fear of Losing. This sometimes the most single important, most satisfying feeling. Sometimes fails to produce as natural as change. I feel like it’s a game of rolling the dice, running a race, and Chess..

Because I win when I least expect, it fails when the most is on the line, and I have much as fast as I can lay my hands on it…

        Someone beautiful culturally in heart… really beautiful and sexy… A challenge To your intellect… a boost to your dominance… A appraised to your well being and existence.. your confident to the agenda.. stimulated beyond fantasy….. and affection beyond nationality… A woman of magnetizing features.. A beautiful flower… The most desirable for me… The most fit, both emotional & A social force, psychological FUn…  of implausible physical conditional motives…. the goddess… symbol rhetoric shape… geometrically modeled……

Before long I walk alone, wishing and hoping that I can go back into the pass and make different decisions to make progress in a more visionary directions….

I wish beauty was loyal to me…..

    But tonight I’m happy, these opportunities awakes for me..

       I have natural concentration, natural polarization, natural charisma, natural knowledge of mind from its natural knowledge of what I put in my body, natural knowledge of where I come from and we’re I’m ascending in the universe and where I can go through the nature of the universe..

I can become all things through the internal source… I will be visible to the ocean of consciousnesses…

                I will allow energy to promote its transformation..

I will let nature consume me for the purpose of novelty art and billions of opportunity to sparkle connection through the universe… I will hold her hand and keep her safe…

I will eat her for kinetic energy…and hold her tight… for self subconscious stimulation. in the mind…. will Aline the most important Chakras, with the flow to a critical kundalini, in to unifying  the most essential principles………………….for a Crystallizing Crystallization of Dimensional Phasing


Daily Motivation

Forces energy


 Forces energy ……..forced on the spirit, music, vitamins, back bone, nervous system, protein, me, cared ones, businesses partners, lovers and your job.
Live in nature….live in peace, under stand the cultural delusion. Think and speak, don’t buy.

Open Mind

-C Owens-


  Closer to Earth

In Motion
flying bye in the plain sky
this moment consisting higher heart beats blasting out the interior
Reverberation tones dancing matter into its distortion
Time and space grasp, epithet love unseen for its will
Silent violence under the maintains
Alkaline swinging mysteriously
Birds and fish swiftly taking over the planet
Cyrano-bacteria reforming and deforming for the template
Horns ringing
Sound bound by the body sexual prison
Blinking, bashing, and fizzling grows on anticipation
freezing night surround by flames
scintillation musing pupil

Rolling in the dirt was a day to remember. When I kept walking up to see a giant hill. Lily, clovers, purple, and green. I became a wheel like the axle on a globe , as I roll down this hill spinning eternity. Lifted from pain, delusions and stress, into direct present. Being one with the ground, grass…in my hair. Sunflowers in my mouth, dirt on my feet.
Arouse beyond dopamine
positioning musicians,
as the wind is stayed in the earth’s auditorium
the dorm yelling names screaming passions, echos….
over, over, over
hovering voice moving
ear- cartilage drumming as the native’s reincarnate in truth

The trees are speaking to me at this time
crowds of leaves yelling and cheering the living
Housing my ancestors, carrying their will
the trees loves its citizens
as they sing, breath, and shad our heads with oxygen
genetically intact
buried by the still river of complexity
roots mimicking DE-oxyribo-nucleic acid
relation of the rock to the heat
faster and faster
changing the streets.
Teaching to conscience leader

massive bodies stretching nerves
making curves
alluding the eye,

facing psychedelic perception
Accepting the collective
Negative being elective
as we the tribes become more and more selective
the asymmetrical illusion in the humans selfish choose.

So I woke up from a dream of the spring of power. In my dream I was on the seen of the greatest spring I could imagine . A master of art come to me a wit a glass in his hand. Drank my friend fore-see the end begin. I fear-ed this drank but I boldly took a swallow. Dampest of the purest substance.
I witness feeling
held emotion in my hand,
I began to hear taste and bend destiny.
This was beyond a gift,
beyond love
so I ask the master ‘why such spring you bring’. He stood up, chest out, eyes locked, arm raised, index-finger pointing, and thunderous toned
The body is the king
the mind is the spring and us souls is the earth number one team.

Oh planet earth unheard loud voice. If I can understand more I should ask, how are you every day? Any thing I can help with any time?
what is it you do?
Written clues on the flesh
all knowing in the body
one thousand miles per hour
pull and pushing
pulling and push,
ripping vessels,
molting liquid,
hell and heaven,
relationship with manly moon
breaking the seventh tune.
Mother, mother, mother
she’s nuclear energy
hard, wet, Gas
rock and sand
her center baking, ready to erupt
so how are us so corrupt, vale, gravel, sphere?

She replied, anima of the ego. That I collect the told of the vivacity ghost, none who thirst, none who’s first. I am you, so delinquency the curse
archetypes forces psychological divorcing, eleven different course
the Nucleus
anti- voices
Put down the ego! Listen to the horses. Eat the grass
I am to speak through you and do wonder for the spiritual kingdom of photo-nic arts
love and speed of the different parts
micro elements transforming. This important movement is balance
toast my yoke children be made embellished

by C Owens 2-15




                                                                  Chambers of the Imagination
Walking along heights.
Fail deep into the light.
Wide open eyes. Phasing Away,
Identity compromise , complex fearing,
organic bathing, moral intoxication.
A united bestiality, teasing infinitude development, organize petition.
Technological extraction,
Chambers of the Heart.
Temperature racing, Everlasting circulatory objection.
Geo-mimicking sound of dimension of the mind to nature in spirit.
Two eyes, four leams, responsive to light,
Tight in the mist, plain in the river steam. The learning of cellular memes.
Teli-motive fountain-head seeming her ability. To see thee movie play, no limit on a day.
Flex Flesh Chambers
Ridpit eyes. Quiet movement of thy stream. Object to flesdish for.
Infinite appetite. Geological drafting. Historical trending.
Invisible pending of genome.
Inconsequential red-type
Worm picking.
Snake worship.
Monotonous Dark energy between enigmatic Universes
Manifesting nutrition, carbon, skeleton, transcendent body to generate shifting for chemical nicking.
Trees of the immediate father.
Macaw-monkeys, the sequel-sheep, cat-tail, elephant-deer.
Demigoddess emanate seeds. Mock to carry, crafted for equivocation
Gifted directed onto its presents. All to merge the day. Coding beyond knowledge to Visualized power of institution current compiling water. Distant to materialize. Monkey man song carry out loud thy kingdom. Great women wrote this song so long ago. She cried to the song hero along the voice we speak hold thy hems, save thy love, protecting thy wisdom.

By C. Owens


My brother and sisters

laughing in the streets
tall building blocking God’s heat
the earth has no room to teach
looking in the trash for something to eat
poison by design
designing hate to use darker bodies as capitalist bate
industrial catalyst . Experiment soul, to steal the talent displays it in films next episode

Scary colors, intimidating face, loud action, culturally removed,
feeding generically modified crumbs and calling it food
vaccine medical fences
hepatitis B on the scene
tuberculosis worst then big brother hokes pokes us
poliomyelitis unseen force trying to fight this
Ebola beats acquired immune deficiency
created in humans hands efficiently
deny again
Cocaine, Nicotine, Ethanol
a formula force us to all fall
unhealthy, disinherited, inarticulate, embezzle
oh wow your are a hell of a devil
all beyond mental disease, no god bless you when you sneeze
warfare please. Government cheese, dirty deeds
holy mother on her knees
father crying more greed
penitentiary education learn the children their needs
feminine manipulation achieve
stories telling visualize to make you believe

1963 to 1968 was years garble to change
other cash in too late
television put out lies
bloody information

Joshua Ward under from perdominance of WillY Lanch
Romans knowledge upper from Egyptians
over to Mediterraneans to trough the Tibetan mountains
the ordering of plants, cattle like sheep’s,
living matter, reality, colonisted, strides, pestilential, duality
never forgiving snake, talking Eve, lustful Adam
the retold stories from the movement of Sirius
Jupiter and Saturn influence all us white black, yellow and red Africans

Male dominance alive again
Never influence by the tides again
My young brother look in my eyes
While Dieing within

By C. Owens


In The Beginning

In a Vast land field.
There I stand in the mist of the wind.
Staring up into the sky, as I look and see clouds and lights from the sky,Far tinkling, communicating divine language expeditiously
Suddenly An approaching energy ascended out of thou body,  strange kinetic energy  flow rested around my outer layer of skin.
A rush of randomize of prism beams flashing before my external vision.
Forcing me to close my eye lids for psychological penetration.
I look toward the Ground and felt my feet become numb.
An Electro-chemical power staRED to  expand and opened my lung cage
Deep fresh perpetuating air flow and autonomy sound waves.
There the ideas drafted reality appeared, crowns that has been taken from lions and angles given to a snake crawling through dust, jump out into the mist and faded like a painted Art Scruple..
Some long lines of circle repeated as it transfer into a little Red flower and devolve into a spiraling eye of fire.
Burning flames surround my mouth gives off cool heat of Mineralize strength.
Emotion of loneliness Gulf my soul with a supplant of accepting Glory.
Dark from a now rising fog, senses of multiple conscious eyes venting in a deep cry,
Tears holding the weight of the World
C. D. Owens


Freedom to Conspiracy
The fake-ness of the American humankind granted and the hidden persona of classical mannerism.
The collective mirage of the industrialize civilization manufacturing subhuman unavailing fluctuation perplexity,
though a driven force of egotistical preternatural affection.
Male and females alike, no intolerance facsimile to all western idiotically transubstantiation the beautiful cognition of the proletariat.
the eye is the key to the soul that what I was told
face down walking, militant talk, silly hand gesticulation
massive hated magnification. Mind your own business syndrome,
I’m prettier then you discombobulation.
I got money so fuck the continuity of commonality
saprated immediate love, never gave me a hug,
or cared of us being of oneness.
Pretending to like me, willing to indict me, conditioning from truth, with in we see no problem, more avaricious fake fantasies moderate American sovereignty.
Selling black-gold building pipeline to Mr. Lee to be debt free from ever innocent sexual being use for commodity.
This reality isn’t the osdsessy.
This is first class spiritual poverty.
Fore father would have a lot to see.
Loyalty back in the hands central banks. How much fear can be in production, non fiction reaction, bluffing blowfish dis-aligment of chakras

low frequency
lost of dignity.
I’m OK’ but really not, fake it to you make it,
angry for what losing to competition, sporting area, stereos, G.M.O’s, plutonium, actinium,
acting fending psychopathic homo-sapiens.
Nervous like a bird of your self refection in my eyes. Walk faster you cant be seen.
He so mean.
If I could kill whats killing me we then will see free. Just buy. It will be OK, just buy, it will be OK. Billions will die. Just keep buying to be to Dishonest
your kids will have no place to walk and be.

(Thanks to my favorite comedian and philosophers,Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Terrence Mc’kenna, Martin L. king)
C. Owens 2-23-2015

   This Internal Conflict

This absolute pressure steaming out my physical torus. The acoustic electromagnetic Tension Running through my temper like a Fuel combustion in a manifold in to a V18 Diesel exhaust hybrid.
Homogeneous, Harmony, Throttling, Boundary,
extinguishing from the throat.
Raging furiously to another Amplified fight with in the self Destruction of a purpose.
Re Projection and Drafting Artistic Design of surviving.
These number games of wasted opportunities, lift behind by the Irresponsible of thy self.
Functioning, moving,
Is the set
Assemble Material, Advantage,
But the Dynamic of the inhabitant that has commission,
advocates pandemonium for wills are free to architecture narrow-Mindness.
Self Indulgent for their Misconceptional concupiscence
so I Blaine me for this convention and you for this contamination.
Intoxicating yesterday, resetting atomic fabrication.
The man Labor for penny’s adding saving to be toss up down the drain.
This an’t no Game
Investment Evaporate when situation get Hot enough,
humans exploding in superficial stigmatism what the point so Discipline and Blunt.
Wrestling you for practice.
I don’t receive This Internal Conflict

2/19/15 C. Owens

How I feel you must feel, what I feel about this Cultures

These city times of evolving disco, blue, wars, modern technology, fashion, pop, and the sexual information age. As German and Russia exercise their intellectual in molecules and medicine. To American to the middle East the fight for petroleum, opium, and organize genocide. We see Dubai skyscrapers gaze clouds and space ventures as beach vacation.Whats to gain, when people in so much pain.
How I feel you must feel,

12 inch nails driven though the body, aches, convulsion and disillusion
constrain stabbing
in my heart and memory, vision of the sub, per ,post human consciousness
I hope not they feel what I feel, But what I feel is their feelings
This miss verbalization of visual listening, vicious Nero transmitters, epinephrine decor
idea of self hate wishing for wife and kids to be captivated
For so broken bonds Liquidation sweet hearts.
Hoping you don’t feel what I feel
living around portmanteau matrix, parallel red and silver.
Annoying slow same old stuff.
State debt, women state bate, nothing of natures exist to state important moral
Damn our schools, court and Jobs, sobbing for the joy ride out back roads landscape.
I’m done breathing New York & China’s made wast
No sibling in this walk, cause they to be place where the precipitation don’t go-way.
Get me out this district. Never again I say today, again I will not give you assiduity.
Not hinting you know what you doing changing this volumes with out nature permission
we began a holy antimony for the prayer of generational soul in war.
Shilling! Philosophy’s on spirit science Site Direction after before
the NSA IP copy’s tag location before after advisory spell
invisible liberty
now all are connected and at once by the copper wire Dial and computer button for the objective of the selfish meme
Detestation is up surging inevitable singularity, wave links,
concluded logistics and international trade, animals eyes
we never see
the new you is longing for direction to the parallel dreams dimension
reasonable you know the great lost of divinity what Kamatic, recognize courageous zeitgeist, bent back yogis, Tryptohan awareness
we carries uranium in their shores, steeping onto a Hawkins theories and Leonardo painting mystery conspiracy misery
Hold the psyche of disorder more muscular then death behind in the Big Numbers
Where ionic and convert cant marge
The spiritual Dark Biological super hydrogen behavior compound
Fill Me Up bossy Casanova, suit my eyes with more material metals and stones. Yes I know its alive to be with me or I just would worries
I’m getting firer. If I get fire no sleep or children can eat
why do I feel like a prison when I step in this building. Hopefully you don’t think what I know you thinking
While looking at the poor man in the wealthy downtown pavement, with a guitar, left handed beer in his hand, being spit on and step on. I guess its on OK business as usual, survival of the riches, following notes.
Then another mirror look at my self with, metal vehicle, wooden shelter, hot body fuel knowing I am yesterday from where he is today
some greatest fear in a cage or lead to the urban projects
No one empower lives of the fallen. But we imagine lives of the calling. No person left overs. Love me forever any good thing. Filled and falling.
Watch out
the universal course next to the book shelf. No more funds to the apprentice . No accustomed Givens at your feet…..ask modern Contracted Africa

Constant-Artificial Noises
my right jaw throbbing
teeth clench to blood dripping down my lips,
I scream at the top of my voice.
Scar tissue stretching.
Cloudy foamy circle, in enlarging.
Vain eye dropping out my head hang on the edge.
Loft ascend my belly,
radiation heat burning inside,
clogged up lungs,
cramping my ribs,
spiders legs of tickling the feet,
picking gun powder out my legs.
Extra flash flapping.
Tight chain around the neck, from what they said about me.
The feeling I feel you feel.
I hope you exit this antagonizing unknown feeling of pain,
we don’t gain it physically or mentally all the per predestine astrophysical byzantine

by C Owens 3/15

Finding the Mushrooms

2/25/13(Some times I feel  that I have a lose purpose. I’m not where I wanted be and I have no instrument of passion…)
I don’t see why some people are so angry or depress all the time, but I can understand. I found that some people think about others to much, or think about what they fear more then who they are. Then, when others determined you by their perceived notion of characters and personalities which effects your idealistic reflection on the self, and if your are the one to believe any thing you could fall victim. One’s whom love themselves selves are God like. Its great and essential  to love others…to evolved… there’s a collective dimension as proceeded.
My understanding brings me to Addiction, Unity, Immediate  Experience, Politics and that Society is motivated in parenting, culture, pharmaceutical and Art…
These Resources dictating cellulars, cognitive, and genes conscious motive.
So I choose the Sun, the Moon, Stars, And Nature for Internal growth.


                                              INTER PAIN EXPRESSION

                                             (Thou Fight wit thou Self)

2/25/13 (a moment of sadness)I guess my job is to be hurt and hurt…. am to nice and to talkative to stand among… so I stand alone so those who believe don’t follow… I stand for middle earth and my self…me… the spirit…..
2/26/13 these eyes are weak..( grandma told me that when she saw me as a baby, she could tell I had weak eyes.) That tell me I have a natural traction drawn to the light but a low tolerance for it’s immensity. My eyes immense fright, attacking or close, I lie Blind is a solution. Easier said then experience… visibly hiding… walking through a wall without able to reach the other side… to be there and not to be seen, they’re so much pressure on the voice… crack broken and Trembling, I’m going to think, its perceptive African American, that has been raise by a drug-ed  mother and a single parent homes with their grandmother, within a community of poor diet and a plethora toxin…. that is given… proven wrong to finish high school, keep up in excel better than average peers… and create a unique way of continuity… credit is adopted in this line of confidence…
Got Damn Teeth, Head, Legs, Stomach, Spots, Soft voice, Funny nose, Awkward Mouth of shape, Big butts minded, integrated souls plays positions In this perception…. I guess you so important.. just can’t take a toll on my feelings subconsciously..(my voice is heard Micro seconds before it spoken… words must come at a faster rate in my mind..)

(My Soul is Crying)

        Crying, Too mad to see me crying, Displacement… Environmental stress, deep!deep! deep! it runs so deep… deep enough to feel all my faith comes crying . I’ll cry for you and me… ego naturally dissolve…. give me the strength… particle to find RIGHT..


The rise of a beautiful God… Scary, I’m not ready before spring…. come on symbol come around my consolation…


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